Essential Laptops: Windows 10 Edition

Essential Laptops: Windows 10 Edition

Author: Kevin Wilson


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We’ve all been there before, staring at a screen with no idea what to do — and now there’s another update that’s just come out. Whatever the computer-related task — and whatever your technical ability — Essential Laptops is here to help.

In this guide, Kevin walks you through your device, one step at a time. Packed full of tutorials, illustrations and photographs to help you, here’s what you’ll look at…

  • Choosing a laptop
  • Understanding laptop specifications and decoding the jargon
  • Understanding the hardware components: CPU, RAM, Hard Drives, USB and so on
  • Setting up your laptop
  • Turning the power on and configuring Windows 10 with the initial setup
  • Navigating around your laptop with Windows 10
  • Connecting to printers
  • Getting on the internet, using email, and skype
  • Getting things done with apps for Microsoft Office, Google Docs or Open Office
  • Using apps for internet, photos, music, tv, films, weather and maps
  • Maintaining your laptop – keeping it running smoothly
  • Security, anti-virus and backups
  • And more…

With Kevin’s detailed instruction, helpful diagrams and screenshots, you’ll be well on your way to using your laptop with greater understanding and enhanced technical knowledge.

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