Emails to Pastor Phil

Emails to Pastor Phil

Author: Tim King


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Emails to Pastor Phil is the best Practical Pastoral Theology book you will ever read. In Emails to Pastor Phil the author has focused not on theory but on real life situations. This book takes a pastor on a journey that applies the principles of leadership to their own lives and the lives of the church. It looks among other things at issues of personal integrity and self discipline. It explores the myths of leadership; it is not about the best being in control or the person with the highest IQ being the leader.

Emails to Pastor Phil is about building a team that reflects strong values and culture and that will make an impact on the church and its missional community. It is about having a clear vision and conviction that will help in the development of a pastor and their leaders. It is about challenging the status quo and doing something different.

This book and the questions and answers reflected in it are a guide to the complex minefield that is today’s pastoral ministry. It deals with issues of: What a pastor should be paid, gender equality, emotional intelligence, strategic planning, how to influence others, how to handle criticism and how to deal with a crisis. It tries to give answers to the question that were never asked or answered in a Pastoral theology class.

Emails to Pastor Phil is about intentional leadership. That is learning to understand your own leadership style and approaching Pastoral ministry with a sound perspective and discernment. Emails to Pastor Phil provides powerful insights about Leadership, Ministry and Life for the young Christian Leader.

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