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First, lets take a look at some of the special keys on a chromebook keyboard. Along the top of your keyboard, you’ll see keys such as escape, refresh, fullscreen and the window switcher key.

chrome top keys

On the left hand side of the keyboard, you’ll find the search key. Along the bottom row of your keyboard you also have an alt, shift and control key.

chrome keys

Your chromebook contains a help screen that shows you all the keyboard shortcuts available.

Press ctrl alt ? to reveal the help screen.

You can scroll through the keyboard shortcuts. You  can browse through the categories on the left hand side.

chrome keyboard shortcuts

Or you can search for keyboard shortcuts using the search field on the top of the screen.

search for chromebook keyboard shortcuts

Here are a few common ones.

Ctrl   Shift   L Lock your Chromebook’s screen
Ctrl   Shift   Q Log out
Alt   [ Pin window on left of screen
Alt   ] pin window on right of screen
Search  Esc Task manager
Ctrl  N New Window
Ctrl  + Zoom in
Ctrl  – Zoom out
Ctrl  0 Reset zoom to 100%
Search  L Lock Screen