Find Your Wi-Fi Password in Windows 10

Most of the time you’ll have the password for your home Wi-Fi written down somewhere, usually on the back of your router.  However, what if it has been a while since you connected a new device, or no longer have it written down? You can quite easily get the password from a device already connected to the Wi-Fi network.

To do this, open the command prompt on the Windows device that is already connected. Type ‘cmd’ into the search field on the bottom left of your screen.

open command prompt

Type: netsh wlan show profile “<wi-fi network>” key=clear
Substitute <wi-fi network> for the name or SSID of your WiFi network. Use key=clear to ensure the password is shown in readable clear text.

show wifi password windows 10

You’ll see the password in the ‘security field’ in the details.

find wifi password windows 10