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If you have a Chromebook with a trackpad, you can use various finger gestures to operate certain features of ChromeOS. You can tap, swipe, scroll and zoom. These gestures make it easier to interact with the interface.

One Finger Tap

This is like your left mouse button and can be used to select objects such as icons or text fields on the screen. Just tap your finger on the pad.

chromebook tap gesture

Two Finger Right Click

This is like the right mouse button and can be used to right click on objects such as icons to reveal a context menu of options. Just tap both fingers on the pad at the same time.

Chromebook gesture right click tap

One Finger Click and Drag

Position your pointer on to an object such as window title bar, or image on your screen, then press your finger on the touch pad until you hear a click, then without releasing your finger, drag across the track pad to move the object.

Chromebook gesture tap and drag

Two Finger Scroll

You can use two fingers on the track pad to scroll up and down windows, web pages, maps and so on.

Chromebook scroll gesture

Two Finger Swipe

While you are browsing the web, you can go back to a previous page by swiping your two fingers to the left on the track pad and advance forward a page you have visited by swiping to the right.

Chromebook gesture

Display All Open Apps

You can quickly display all your open apps by swiping your three fingers downwards on the track pad.

Chromebook three fingers