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Passwords cause problems especially if you forget them. These days we are encouraged to set ‘strong passwords’ making it more difficult for someone to hack but at the same time more difficult to remember. Fortunately if you do forget your password, Microsoft has included a password recovery feature that enables you to reset your password.

If you have forgotten your Windows 10 password, you can reset it. On the lock screen click ‘I forgot my password’

windows 10 i forgot my password link

Here you’ll see your recovery email address. This is the alternative email address you entered when you signed up for a Microsoft Account. Complete the email address in the field below. Click ‘send code’.

recovery email

Now, log into the recovery email account and check your mail – this is the account for the email address you just entered above. You’ll see an email with a code.

verification code email

Enter the code in the field below and click ‘next’.

enter code

Enter your new password. Click ‘next’.

enter new password

You will now be able to log on using your new password. Click ‘next’ to go back to the lock screen.

All done

You can also reset your password here: