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When using your Mac, you can greatly improve your speed and productivity by learning some common keyboard shortcuts to perform tasks you do most often. This could be printing, cut and paste or switch between applications.

Most of the time you’ll use the Command Key (CMD) or the Option Key (ALT) next to the spacebar.

command key and option key

Keyboard shortcuts make it quicker and easier to do these tasks without having to find the command in the menu system. Here are some I’ve found useful.

CMD ASelect all items
CMD DDuplicate selected item
CMD EEject selected volume
CMD FFind or search for items
CMD HHide windows
CMD IShow selected item information
CMD JShow view options for the active window
CMD KShow ‘connect to server’ dialog box
CMD LCreate alias for the selected item
CMD MMinimize window
CMD NOpen new window in active app
CMD VPaste
CMD WClose active window
CMD ,Finder preferences
CMD SpaceSpotlight search
SpaceShow preview of selected image or doc in finder
CMD TabSwitch through running apps
CMD Option EscForce quit Apps
CMD Shift 3Take screenshot – saves as PNG on desktop
CMD Shift 4Take screenshot – drag crosshair pointer to mark portion of screen to capture
CMD Shift 5Show screenshot panel
CMD Shift 6Take screenshot of touchbar if present
Ctrl CMD FFull screen mode
F4Open Launchpad
F8Open Notification Centre
F9Open Mission Control