Connect to your Mac Desktop Remotely

You can connect to your Mac remotely from another Mac or PC on the same network. To do this, you’ll need to enable the  screen sharing feature on the Mac you want to connect to remotely.

Go to the Apple menu on the top left and select ‘system preferences’. From the ‘system preferences’ window, select ‘sharing’.

Open preferences macos

Enable ‘screen sharing’ on the left.

enable screen sharing macos

Allow access to the user’s you want to have access to your screen. This is usually your own login username you use to sign into your mac. To add a user, click the + sign at the bottom of the window.

screen sharing add user macos

Select your username from the list, then click ‘select’.

screen sharing macos add user

Now take a look at the ‘computer name’. You’ll need this information along with your Mac username and password. In this case, I’d use ‘Mac’ to connect to this machine.

macos computer name

Connect from a PC

To connect from a PC you’ll need to download and install VNC Viewer, you can find that here.

Once you run VNC Viewer, type the ‘computer name’ of your Mac into the address bar along the top of the screen – in this example the computer name is mac. Then enter your Mac username and password.

connect to mac using VNC viewer

Once you connect, you’ll see your Mac desktop.

MacOs running in Team Viewer on Windows 10

Connect from another Mac

To connect from another Mac open Finder

screen sharing macos

Click ‘share screen’ on the top right of the window, then click ‘connect’ on the dialog box. Enter the username and password of the Mac you’re connecting to.

screen sharing macos

Once you click ‘connect’ you’ll see your Mac’s desktop

screen sharing macos