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Over time your hard disk drive can get fragmented. You’ll begin to notice that opening applications and saving files take a little longer than they did before. Disk defragmentation only applies to hard drives with mechanical spinning disks (HDD).

If you have a solid state drive or SSD, then you don’t need to worry about defragmentation. Defragging has no effect on performance with a SSD. Windows 10 will usually detect a SSD and optimise the drive using the TRIM command rather than defrag.

To de-fragment the disk in Windows 10, type ‘defragment’ into the search field on the taskbar. Click ‘Defragment and optimise your drives’.

search for optimise drives windows 10

Select the drive you want to optimise/defragment. Click the ‘optimize’ button.

optimize drive windows 10

This will start de-fragmenting your disk. This process can take a while.