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If you have replaced the hard disk on your Mac, or need to re-install MacOS for whatever reason, you can do this over the internet rather than creating a restore disk.

For this you’ll need an active WiFi and internet connection, as this procedure will download MacOS from Apple’s servers before running the installer on your Mac.

To do this, power up or reboot your Mac then quickly hold down Command-Option-R until you see the Spinning World Logo on the screen.

command option R on mac

Select your WiFi network if prompted.

select wifi macos install

Select your language

select wifi macos install

Once you land on the ‘macOS utilities’ screen, select ‘reinstall macOS’, then click ‘continue’.

reinstall macos

Follow the instructions in the installer to reinstall macOS.

Select your hard disk, then click ‘install’.

reinstall macos select drive

MacOS will reinstall itself. This will take a while. Once complete, follow the instructions on screen to configure your Mac.