HTML & CSS for Beginners

Introducing the first in the “Illustrated Coding” Series, HTML & CSS for Beginners provides a great place to start learning HTML coding.  Using our bestselling, straightforward, step-by-step, visual approach, you’ll learn to

  • Understand HTML tags and elements
  • Understand CSS selectors
  • Style tables, lists, and forms
  • Style text, headings and paragraphs
  • Learn to use web safe fonts and google fonts in your web pages
  • Insert images, audio and video into web pages
  • Align your content and build site structure using new HTML5 elements
  • Learn to harness the power of CSS to style your text and build your site layout
  • Understand web servers and how the serve pages to web browsers
  • Familiarize yourself with HTML & CSS syntax with appendix reference guides to help you write your code.

Techniques are illustrated step-by-step using screen prints throughout, together with concise, easy to follow text from an established expert in the field, provides a comprehensive guide to HTML & CSS programming. HTML and CSS If you want to learn to code quickly and easily, this is the guide you need.  Available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, and all major bookstores.


ISBN : 9781655455896