Exploring Computer Systems

Computer hardware with all its technical jargon can be baffling, even for the moderately experienced user. With a Step-by-step, visual approach using photographs, illustrations and video demos to help learn quickly and easily, this book is ideal for a computing course, whether in high school, college or first degree.

Learn about computer hardware and how it works.

Inside DVD drive

Learn about logic gates, binary arithmetic, hexadecimal, and number base conversions aided by diagrams and demos

logic gates

A look at the CPU architecture, instruction sets and the Fetch Execute Cycle

Also, data compression, different compression algorithms and how they work

huffman compression

We’ll learn about operating Systems and how they manage executing processes, memory and files.

Study computer networks, the Internet and cyber security.


And a lot more…

Exploring Computer Systems is available at all major bookstores.

Computer systems, computer science, GCSE, A Level, Degree.

ISBN : 978-1911174967