Essential Computer Books for Seniors

Illustrated, practical and accessible computer handbooks, software user guides, and other instructional manuals that are ideal for seniors and beginners.

Learn to find your way around Windows 10 with Essential Windows 10 book. Find out where things are kept; start menus and file explorers, where to find your documents, music and photos; how to get online, use the internet, how to stay safe and back up your files. Click the book image below for more information.

Learn Microsoft Office with Essential Office 365 book. Find out how to type letters, create flyers or greetings cards. Create a few spreadsheets to keep score sheets or budget your money. Click the book sample below for more information. This book has been a hit among our senior computer training classes.

If you’ve just got yourself an iPad, or have been using one for a while and would like to learn more, why not try out Essential iPad: iOS 11 Edition user manual. Ideal for senior users who like to follow along step by step. Learn how to talk to your family members using the onboard camera with FaceTime, take pictures, record videos and store those precious moments. Also learn to browse the internet, send email and stream your favourite music. Click the book sample below for more information.

All our books are written in clear English, with full color illustrations, screen prints, and photographs to help you understand the basic procedures to get things done.

Click on the book images for more information or if you have any questions, click here to send us a message.

Until next time, have fun!