Exploring Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update

The Fall Creator’s Update adds some good features to Windows 10, and is not just aimed at artists and content creators, but home/business users too.

If you are already running Windows 10, you can upgrade free of charge using Windows Update. Go to Start Menu > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

If the update is available, hit ‘install now’ to begin. The update will begin to download, once downloaded the installation/upgrade process will begin. This process tends to take a long time, you might want to grab a coffee and a slice of cake while you wait.

Check out our latest book Essential Windows 10: Fall Creator’s Edition.Click the link for more information.

Lets take a look at some of the new features. First we have 3D Paint – revamped and upgraded for the Fall Creator’s Update, and allows you to easily create 3D works of art quickly and easily.

You can also post your creations on social media and share with friends. You can now create 3D models and and place them into mixed reality using either the mixed reality viewer and camera on your device or using a mixed reality headset. Here’s funky pigeon taking a stroll along the office floor…

You can also add photos of yourself and others using the ‘magic select’ tool. The magic select tool magically cuts your subject out of your photo and merges them with your 3D scene so it looks like they’re actually there.

You can create movies and other media combining your photos and videos with text, animations and music, using the Photo App’s Story Remix feature.

Inking features have had an update and you can now write directly onto Word Documents, PowerPoint Presentations along with websites on Microsoft Edge Web Browser.

In addition, you can draw directly onto street maps, draw a line between A and B and maps will calculate the quickest route between those two points. Works quite well, we cover more about this in the book Essential Windows 10: Fall Creator’s Edition.

The Microsoft Edge Browser has had some updates too, you can now “set aside” your open tabs. This is like putting them on the shelf so you can carry on with them later, while you get on with something else. Not a feature I use that much, but could be useful for some.

Tab previews are also available, so you can see a thumbnail view of tabs you have open and can be useful for glancing through your tabs to find something you want to go back to. Along with this, you can also open up epub and e-books using Edge. You can now buy e-books from the Store App, although this might not be available in some countries and seems to only be available in the US at the moment.

Security has been stepped up a notch and you now have a dashboard called Windows Defender Security Center, where you can monitor antivirus both third party and Windows Defender, firewall and device performance all from a central location. Also added is a feature called exploit protection which is a defence against the latest ransomware malware that has recently hit the internet.

There are lots of other features introduced and if you want to find out more information on how to use the Fall Creator’s Update, how to upgrade and how to get started, make sure you check out our latest guide. Click the image for more information.

Have fun.