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Now days there are so many different types of computers, tablets, laptops, notebooks and netbooks out there, as well as iPads, Kindles and Surface Tablets.

Which one do you buy? Tablets and laptops are becoming more popular as more and more online services are taking advantage of high speed internet connections and more available wifi access.

Well first off, think about your needs. Are you going to surf the web? Chat to your friends on skype? Post your favourite photos to facebook? Write a few emails or documents? If this is the case perhaps go for the entry level PC?

Do you want to be tied to a desk? Or would you prefer sitting in your favourite arm chair or in a coffee shop? If the answer is the latter, perhaps go for a laptop or tablet?

To better understand what’s on offer, lets take a look at a typical computer specification you might come across when browsing a computer shop for a new computer.

Here you can see the common terminology and what it means.

Until next time, be sure to check out some of our guide for more detailed information.

Have Fun.