Speed up your iPad

Over time, your iPad can start to become sluggish; apps can take longer to load and websites take longer to appear. With a few simple maintenance tricks, you can keep your iPad running smoothly.

Your iPad is capable of running more than one app at the same time. When you open an app, then switch back to your home screen by pressing the home button, the app is still running in the background. If you have done this a few times, you end up with a lot of apps open, this will slow down your iPad. You can easily shut down your apps. To close your apps, press the home button twice

You’ll see all your apps appear. To close an app, swipe your finger upwards over the app you want to close.

Do this with all your open apps until there are no more on the list.

Many apps on an iPad whether they are running or not, refresh themselves in the background. This means updating information such as weather, location information, checking email and so on. Sounds like a nice idea, but can consume resources and slow things down. You can turn this off without losing any major functionality.

Open your settings app and select ‘general’, then tap ‘background app refresh’. To turn it off completely, switch the slider to off at the top of the screen. The list below shows you which apps refresh themselves in the background. Instead of turning it off completely, you can disable certain apps by switching the sliders next to them to the off position.

Your iPad has a number of ‘motion’ effects on wallpapers that seem to move slightly as you tilt your iPad, or effects on messages and icons. These serve no purpose really except for eye candy and can be disabled. To do this, open your settings app and select ‘accessibility’ then tap ‘reduce motion’. Switch the slider to off.

It’s also a good idea to restart your iPad from time to time. When you press the power button on your iPad, it doesn’t shut down, it goes to sleep mode; meaning your apps are still running. Every now and again, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds or until the ‘slide to power off’ icon appears at the top of the screen. Slide your finger left to right over the icon and your iPad will shut down completely. Press and hold the power button to turn your iPad back on, you’ll see the apple logo appear.

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Until next time. Have fun.