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Say you’ve been working on an important document or perhaps your assignment is due in tomorrow and Word crashes, or you accidentally click “don’t save” when closing your computer. Disaster right? Well not necessarily. Word automatically saves recovery files in case of situations like this.

If this happens to you, give this a try. Open File Explorer. You can usually find this on your taskbar or start menu.

Select ‘This PC’ from the left hand pane

Type .asd into the search bar on the top right of the window.

Windows will start to search for files on your computer containing ‘.asd’. Press Enter on your keyboard if the search doesn’t start automatically.

In the search results, you may need to look through the files to find the right one. You might be able to tell from the date stamp.

To open the file, double click on the document. From the popup menu, click ‘more apps’, then scroll down and select ‘Word’. The document will open up in Microsoft Word.

You can now save the document back onto your OneDrive or Documents folder for safe keeping.

This procedure will also work with, Excel and PowerPoint. Hope it helps…

For more information, check out our Office 2016 Guide. Click the image below for more details.