Computer Training at NBTC College in South Africa

We were so delighted to work with our friends again at Nicholas Bhengu College in South Africa, it was a pleasure serving on the staff team.

We ordered 10 computers and offloaded them from the car into library/resources centre at the college. The hardware was set up and connected, with Office and Windows software installed on each machine.

Once everything was connected and setup, we moved the computers into position and created a training room for the students to work and study.

Our theme for this year focused on the use of technology in the workplace, school/college and various areas of ministry. The first session was a lecture on Concepts of ICT: Use of technology in ministry and course introduction, which gave the students the basic concepts and introduced them to various technologies used in every day life in the 21st century.

After the first session we jumped straight into the practical workshops and covered topics such as using Microsoft Windows, file management, starting and using computer programmes such as Microsoft Office.

During the course of the programme we covered computer hardware (tablets, phones, laptops, projectors), typing skills, windows desktop, file storage and starting programs.

We also covered creating documents with Word & Excel, graphics and presentation with PowerPoint, as well as Internet and email – all essentials skills these days. We ran an introduction to web design and graphics with Adobe Photoshop for staff and students with a bit more experience.

We’re so pleased that our books have become a valuable resource and are able to help people with their computers.

We all had a great time learning, discussing and exploring how technology can be used in work today, as well as working through problems and issues staff and students were having, who had some experience using their computer.

At the end of the course we celebrated with a Braai (BBQ) together with staff and students. It was a pleasure working with you all again.

See you next time…